Tomb raider legend nepal

tomb raider legend nepal

Tomb Raider: Legend (PlayStation 2) - Versteckte Schätze | Ankunft in Nepal. Komplettlösung: Actionspiel für PC, Playstation 2, Xbox und Xbox Tomb Raider – Legend. Kapitel 7: Nepal – Der Ghalali-Schlüssel. 1/9 - Bronze. Once you've reached the first stable platform, you should be able to notice a bronze reward (#1). As you've probably suspected, you will have to. The crate must be placed on the right platform. Also startet sie nach Nepal. Am Eisenstab hängend, gelangen Sie wieder per Magnethaken auf die andere Seite. You shouldn't have any problem along the way 1. Springt weiter an den oberhalb gelegenen Steinblock und zieht euch hoch. Slide down the slope and jump at the very end to land on another slope perpendicular to the first.

Tomb raider legend nepal Video

Tomb Raider Legend - Level 7 - Nepal Tomb Raider — Legend 1. If you find you are unable to reach schneider villach exit this way because the final platform refuses to tilt forward, this is probably due to shooting the floating boulders earlier casino gratis slots machine the level. Vom Startstandpunkt aus springen wir an die Kante und hangeln uns links herum, unter stetigem "E"-Beschleunigen bis ganz nach rigged auf den Absatz hinter die hinter uns zusammenbrechende Kapihospitel. The Key that restores the Excalibur is the relic that Lara's father gave to her mother in Ghana to replace the pendant she lost. Ghana - Pursuing J. A helicopter, presumably belonging to Rutland, passes overhead. Alister comments briefly on the architecture. These screenshots show one possible sequence. Return the way you came to the narrow ledge between the two caves i. Ghana - part I Ghana - part II Ghana - part III Ghana - part IV. While hanging from the second bell, turn a bit to the right so that when you swing, you can see then grapple the third bell. Jump to the next slope and jump to grab the pole. Zip asks Lara about the accident but she deflects the question. This entire sequence is shown in a series of screenshots. No part of this walkthrough may be reproduced on another site without permission. Step up to the ledge and climb down 1. This means that you have to take it casino gutscheincode using the ledges that look like a scale. Game real und Cheats zu Tomb Raider: As a result, she will receive a famous Excalibur blade! If she's submerged for more than a few seconds, she'll die. Benutzt ihn, dreht euch wieder leicht nach rechts und hängt euch an den dritten Halt. Nun - die "interaktive Zwischensequenz" beschert uns nicht nur ein Wiedersehen mit unseren "promovierenden" und "butlernden" Freunden! Ehrliches Dankeschön - Eveline Block! These screenshots show the sequence.


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